When I went to Weedons School it was a sole charge school. The teacher having to teach from Primer 1 to Standard 6. The teacher in 1944 was Mrs Cree, 1945 Mrs McIvor came to teach and was still there when I left in May 1949. Mrs McIvor lived in Springfield and used to ride an A.J.S. Motorbike, which the pupils nicknamed, Gerts All Jitters and Shakes. Mrs McIvor wore a helmet similar to that worn by pilots, big leather jacket, trousers and goggles. Speed was not slow. Although a strong disciplinarian she was also a very fair and kindly person.One Friday when Mrs McIvor was late in arriving at school and we were all thinking we were going to get a long weekend, about 10 or 10.30am she arrived in her husbands truck and told us that when trying to start her motorbike it had kicked back and hurt her leg. She hobbled into the classroom on a stick and at lunchtime one of us looked through the key hole of the door and was sure she has fainted as she was sitting with her head on the desk, not moving. We rushed to get a cup of water to throw over her and just as were about to open the door Mrs McIvor opened it and asked "What are you up to?" Someone answered, "We thought you didn't look well, we were bringing you a drink of water." We still had our sports afternoon and she drove the truck home. On going to the Doctor it was found that her leg was broken in either 2 or 3 places.

Each year in August the whole school would travel into Christchurch by train to visit the Museum, Botanical Gardens and Industries Fair. Had lunch on the Banks of the Avon. In the summer time we used to go swimming in the pond which is now alongside the 18th hole of Weedons Golf Club. There was a big log for a diving board and we had an Army Hut divided in two for changing in.

July 1945 was remembered for the big snow storm and another incident was when Infantile Paralysis struck and we all has to wear blocks of camphor in a little bag around our necks and do correspondence lessons for a time. Children who attended that I can remember were:-

Shirley and John Feast

Derek and Warwick Wild

Arthur Wallace Warrington

Margaret, Jackie, Lorna and Rupert Cruickshanks

Shirley Johns

Nancy and Bruce Burnett Foley (2)

Vera Schaffer

Pauline and Lorraine Manion

Joyce Allison

Lex Cockburn

Max Irons

Barry, Carol and Ian Linton

Trevor and Desmond Smith

Another amusing incident was during a visit by a nurse to do an eye and hearing test. Trevor Smith wore glasses but had broken them and they were being repaired. Neither Trevor or teacher told the nurse he wore glasses and of course when his turn came he couldn't see the small or medium letters. Nurse said "I will have to send a note to your parents to take you to an eye specialist as you need glasses." Trevor replied, " No need to do that as I do wear glasses, they are in being fixed." Needles to say the nurse was glasses but had broken them and they were being repaired. Neither Trevor or teacher told the nurse he not amused.

Reminisces from Mrs Shirley Keast