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At Weedons School we want our children to be: successful learners, especially in literacy and numeracy, effective thinkers and able to display the attitudes and values consistent with “The Weedons Way”.

Weedons is a unique school staffed by a small, close knit team of professionals, within a very supportive community. The school has a proud history, modern facilities and equipment and a great reputation for academic and social achievement.

These achievements have been facilitated by a nurturing and inclusive learning culture – the Weedons Way.










If you are looking to enrol your child at Weedons or to join our team, or just find out what’s happening in the Weedons School community, won’t you come on in!




Diary 2016
10 Oct Term 4 Begins
10 Oct 145th Celebrations
21 Oct School Production
24 Oct Labour Day
28 Oct Mufti Day - Halloween
04 Nov Zone Athletics Brookside Park
11 Nov Canterbury Ann. Day
22 Nov Year 8 Wellington Camp
02 Dec Twilight Xmas Fair
15 Dec Final Assembly - Rolleston
16 Dec Term 4 Ends (1/2 day)
31 Jan Term 1 Begins

Term Dates for 2016

1 2nd February - 15th April
2 2nd May - 8th July
3 25th July - 23th September
4 10th October - 16th December

Term Dates for 2017

1 31st January - 13th April
2 1st May - 7th July
3 24th July - 29th September
4 16th October - 15th December